Helping Reel Wives When War Comes Home

About Us

Founded in 2007, Reel Wives is a volunteer-led women’s ministry. Reel Wives hosts
three-day retreat weekends for the spouses of injured soldiers, and it is a time designed
to help the wives develop new friendships and enjoy three days of rest, relaxation and

Reel Wives is the sister project of Reel Thanx, a fishing getaway for injured soldiers. More
than half of the injured soldiers participating in Reel Thanx are married, and the
organization recognized that those caretaker-spouses deserved recognition for their
service as well. Reel Wives grew out of that need.
Since the program’s inception, more than 100 wives have attended a Reel Wives
program. The weekend includes clay shooting, shopping, a Christmas-themed evening
where the wives are gifted new pajamas, a nice dinner and lots of pampering.

‘Our soldiers are coming home with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), post traumatic stress
disorder, and other major injuries. They come home as different people, some will never
work again. These wives have been home, often with their children, with no family or
support systems to help them. They tell us stories of feeling very isolated and alone.
These weekends are very important because they are meeting other wives and
mothers in the same caretaker situation. They learn that they aren’t alone and that
someone understands.’
–Reel Wives volunteer Tonja Mansfield-Loftis

To: support the wives of our heroes who participate in our Reel Thanx program
To: thank them for their service with grace and honor
To: nurture, love and pamper these special women who are also true heroes
To: honor their strength and sacrifices while holding down the home front and raising
their children while their husbands serve our country
To: provide them with one weekend where their focus can be on themselves to foster
emotional healing the best way we can.
This is our way of ‘Helping Reel Wives When War Comes Home.’

For some, Reel Thanks and Reel Wives have helped open doors to new opportunities!  With the help of others in our great community, we have been able to help a wife from out program relocate to Midland with a new job; a new start for her and her soldier!!

The smiles we saw, the hugs we received as we put that first group of wives on the plane for home were well worth the small effort we put forth for these courageous women.  They have told us we have altered their lives forever, and those of us involved with Reel Wives know they have altered ours.  After that first Reel Wives weekend, one of the soldiers whose wife had participated said, “I can come home from way, but my wife can’t”.  This is why we do what we do.  This is why our mission and motto is to help “Reel Wives When War Comes Home”