Helping Reel Wives When War Comes Home


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For the last 15 years, the Reel Wives organization has worked to address a critical need
for the spouses of our wounded combat veterans – the need for rest. Our soldiers are
coming home with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), post traumatic stress disorder, and other
major injuries. They come home as different people, some will never work again. Their
wives have been home, often with their children, with no family or support systems to
help them. They tell stories of feeling isolated and alone. Reel Wives weekends are
important because the participants are meeting other wives and mothers in the same
caretaker situation. They learn that they aren’t alone and that someone understands.

Our Reel Wives mission is to uplift and support these heroic women by providing relaxing
retreat experiences, creating support and building their friendship networks.

Our wives are the spouses of the heroes who participate in the Reel Thanx veterans
support program. We thank these women for their service with grace and honor, we
nurture, love, and pamper them because they are also heroes. We seek to honor their
strength and the sacrifices they have made while their husbands have served our
country. Reel Wives retreats provide them with one weekend where their focus can be
on themselves and their emotional healing.

This is our way of ‘Helping Reel Wives When War Comes Home.’

For more information on our partner organization Reel Thanx, please click link above.